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EYE Brežice is a youth event, so it makes perfect sense that mostly young people will be leading activities for and with other young people at the event. Click here, use your voice and vote for your favourites!

Use your voice

The following activities were submitted by young people within the open call Youth-to-Youth, published in February 2024. The selection of the finest ones was made by a committee of 12 young people and youth workers from across Slovenia. Now it’s up to YOU to choose your top 3. And then what? 10 activities that receive the most votes will be carried out at EYE Brežice and will each receive 300 EUR (total) for it. The participatory voting ends on 21 April 2024.

The way to vote is that you first read descriptions of 13 proposed activities (hold on until the end 🙏, u got this), then mark up to 3 activities on the list that you find the coolest and submit your vote by clicking “Glasuj / Vote”.

Like in elections, you can only use your vote once. Please don’t cheat. #fairplay


List of proposed activities:

#1 Gamified simulation of voting in the EU elections

Interactive workshop will offer a digitally gamified approach for one or more players through the use of an application. 🎮 It will enable you to engage in a digital and fun way and discuss current European challenges, get acquainted with the European Union (EU), programs of parliamentary groups within the European Parliament (EP), learn more about the candidates for the EP elections, etc. You will join a shared game with other participants through connecting via QR code with your smartphone. Then you will simultaneously communicate your opinions on various statements concerning the future arrangements for Europeans, to which you will be able to respond with “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know”. At the end of the game you will get an insight into group statistics. The application is translated into 24 official European languages.

#2 How to start a podcast?

Are you interested in starting a podcast or a videocast but don’t know where or how to begin? Title, script, your audience, promotion, distribution – what are all these? Join this workshop and find out! We will dive into the world of podcasting together, step by step. First, we’ll explain what a podcast is and what its purpose is. Then we’ll prepare a draft for your first episode. With the gained knowledge you’ll be able to share your voice with the world right away. And your voice matters, so use it. 💪 Laughter, support and teamwork guaranteed!

#3 Blue eyes/Brown eyes experiment

The centre of this activity will be a social experiment developed by Jane Elliott, a prominent anti-racism activist in the USA during the 1960s. Prior to this we will discuss equality and discrimination, sharing possible real-life experiences or cases of discrimination we witnessed. Within the experiment the participants will be divided in two groups, following the moderator’s instructions. We won’t reveal the details of the experiment at this point, as it’s a “spoiler alert”, 😊, but you can always “google it”, if you want. Immediately after the experiment we will reflect and discuss gained feelings and experience, connecting them with potential real-life experiences. From there we will slide into a discussion about the principles of democracy, the importance of equality and the role of the European Union (EU) in combating discrimination. We will also brainstorm ideas on how to address discrimination and promote equality in our communities or in the EU in general.

#4 Green passport

Do you want to learn about the significant impact of non-eco-friendly travel on the environment and discover how to make your future travels more environmentally friendly? If your answer is “yes”, “I don’t know”, “maybe” or “no”, keep reading. 😊 Through interactive methods of non-formal education (which prioritize the experiences, knowledge and needs of each participant) such as “Two lies and one truth”, “Map your destinations”, association game on eco-travel topics, “Traveling through my carbon footprint” and other, together with other participants you will be able to reflect on your own choices regarding travel and its planning. Within the activity “Eco travel planning” you will then in different groups plan a hypothetical eco-friendly trip and discuss how you and we all together in the European Union can step by step achieve a higher level of sustainable mobility.

#5 AI in ChatGPT 101

Are you interested in learning how to effectively use artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the learning process and in optimizing your work? Then this workshop is for you. 😊 You will gain knowledge in the field of AI, with a focus on the ChatGPT programme. You will gain or upgrade your digital literacy and skills for using AI tools. We will also discuss the ethical aspects of AI use, its advantages, disadvantages and biases. Practical tips and guidelines will be provided for using AI tools and directions on how to write prompts to achieve the desired results.

#6 “Found poetry” workshop

The literary workshop will be carried out in Slovenian, English and Spanish. The theme of the workshop will flow around European values such as democracy, tolerance, equality, respect, peace and other. 🫶 From texts that surround us or that we randomly encounter in everyday life you will be able to create new poetic creations. You will have the opportunity to choose from the following poetic and artistic techniques: “cut-up collage”, “erasure”, “blackout”, “artful blackout”, “free-form excerpting and remixing” (blackout poetry with a twist), “cento”, “book/DVD spine poetry” and “magnetic poetry”. We will also write the selected verses with chalk on the asphalt surface in front of the Youth Centre Brežice, where the EYE Brežice event will take place.

#7 Simulating climate diplomacy

Young people may face challenges in participating in global forums on climate change primarily due to lack of knowledge about the topic and the procedures for addressing it. This activity aims to empower participants through a simulation of a UNFCCC conference session. It will also offer a fun, interactive insight into international processes related to climate change, which take place at United Nations Climate Change conferences. The participants will take the role of delegates representing a country (or the European Union) and engage in a democratic process of shaping climate policies, based on a received draft of a specific decision to negotiate and discuss. 🌱 By participating in this activity you will gain knowledge about climate change and become aware of the principle of acting local and thinking global.

#8 Canvas of participation

Is it possible to express opinions and views on active participation and European democracy through art? Absolutely! 💪 In this activity we will create an XXXXL flag representing a mosaic of different viewpoints, interpretations and ideas about European values and democracy. You will share your perspective on the significance of European elections, the European Parliament, democracy, active participation or related themes on a piece of fabric measuring 50 x 70 cm. You will be able to express yourself through painting, drawing or other artistic technique. All individual creations will then be combined and sewn together into a large flag, which will be displayed in the area of the Youth Center Brežice, where the EYE Brežice event will take place.

#9 Culinary challenge

You probably know the saying: “The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach”, right? 🫶 In this activity you will have the chance to test, if this saying also stands for fostering intercultural dialogue and understanding between different cultures and nations. Prior to the activity simple recipes based on the participants’ nationalities of typical national dishes will be collected. These recipes will be randomly distributed among the groups during the activity. Each group will then prepare a dish according to the recipe and add their own modern, creative twist if desired. The dishes will be assessed and a brief explanation of each dish will be provided by each national group. At the end of the activity there will be a mutual demonstration and learning of traditional dances of participating national groups.

#10 Fake news in the era of AI

The aim of this workshop is to empower young people with knowledge on how to combat disinformation and fake news in the era of artificial intelligence (AI) and to present tools for their detection. 💪 During the workshop you will learn how fake news is created, how to recognize it and which tools you can use to detect and prevent the spread of misinformation. Divided in groups you will be given several fake and real news articles to assess, using fact-checking tools and tools to report misinformation and fake news. The conclusion will be a collective discussion.

#11 (Un)written rules of society

This activity will involve an interactive social game through which you will raise awareness about the influence social norms have on the individual, develop your understanding of different perspectives and norms in everyday life and challenge your skills in adapting and integrating yourself and others into society. You will develop social skills, critical thinking, teamwork skills, adaptability and problem-solving abilities. Guess what! All this will be done through a very simple dice rolling game. 🎲 During the game, in which you will be part of a smaller group, the rules will change, meaning you will frequently find yourself in a world of new rules. If you are interested in finding out how, this activity is for you.

#12 Collage "The world I want to live in"

This workshop will encourage you to reflect on the society and world in which you live and the future you want to co-create. The channel of expression will be art, which supports self-exploration, insights into the subconsciousness, creativity and establishes a bridge between culture and health. 👍 You will use collage techniques to present the world you want to live in. The workshop will conclude with a collective reflection and exhibition of works in the space where it will take place.

#13 Crafting Bee’s wrap (Čeberol'ca)

Bee’s wrap? What’s that? 🐝 In short: a natural alternative to aluminium foil, plastic wraps and packaging. It’s made from organic cotton coated with a mixture of organic beeswax, linseed oil and hand-collected spruce resin. It’s used for covering and wrapping all types of food, lunches to go and leftovers. Food in it stays fresh, the wrap is washable and can hold up to two years of usage. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to create your own and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Vote for your TOP 3.

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